Alternative to daPulse.

Alternative to daPulse.

What is daPulse?

daPulse is a web application that works as a project management tool that is designed for startups. With daPulse, you will be able to manage and collaborate on the same site.

One of the strong points of daPulse is its design and usability. You can comprehend daPulse as a network where project managers and designers have access to the entire start-to-end process of a project. This can help you concentrate on producing and completing projects and having organized and clear communication.

daPulse enables you to build different processes for different teams, and it also gives you the possibility to have the “overview” of everything that is done and keep the team connected. Every participant of the project can see the owners, the evolution, and the status of the project at different levels.

What is Trello?

Trello one of the most popular application for project management besides daPulse, this application is based on the Kanban method and it is used more like task management allowing to coordinate group work in a collaborative way through virtual boards made up of tasks lists in the form of columns.

Alternative to daPulse.

It is believed to be perfect for project management considering that various states can be designated and shared with different people who are part of the project. With it, an effort can be made to improve the work routines of a team by establishing priorities, times, notices, and other excellent choices to organize a project in which several people collaborate.

Why use Trello as an alternative to daPulse and how to get it?

Trello has made a name for itself as a leader in the business sector, is one of the alternatives that many projects organize group work with, but also numerous freelancers and individuals use it in their day to day to organize and prioritize their daily tasks, you can get it by going to Trello’s website and signing up for free, its app also works on any device: Trello.

As we already stated Trello is based on the Kanban method where you will see the worldwide known “To Do, Doing and Done” lists. This type of organization manages the process of a project properly and with Trello it is enough to list all the tasks that are part of the development of a project and place them in three columns according to their status:

  1. To-Do.
  2. Doing.
  3. Done.

Alternative to daPulse.

Apart from that, numerous features make this application particularly useful:

  • With the free version, you will have the essential functions for you to use to the full extent.
  • In the online application, you can edit and share in real-time all the components of the project, without needing updates or saves.
  • The application itself is simple and intuitive, neither you nor your co-workers will need training to be able to use it properly.
  • The notification system will let you know when someone makes changes to the boards, this way, it allows you to supervise and control any change and deviation of the project. The notifications can also be received by email.
  • It has an interesting color labeling function so you can visually highlight and organize tasks or mark some highlighted ones.
  • The search engine is very stable and fast. You will find the task you need at the time you require it.
  • It is possible to publish public or private boards and share them with whoever you want.
  • Secure connection and confidentiality of data with encrypted backups similar to those used by banks.