Alternative to MailChimp

Alternative to MailChimp

Newsletters have been a proven marketing tool for quite some time and now they are almost exclusively sent by email. With email marketing tools like the renowned MailChimp, even those who are less used to doing so can carry out big campaigns without investing endless hours in a program. However there are some very noteworthy applications that are rivaling with MailChimp these days.

Whether is a component of an email marketing strategy or a mere informative support, the design and delivery of a newsletter requires time, dedication, and of course effort. If you want to minimize them, you cannot ignore the specialized tools or online providers that not only can make shipping with distribution lists simpler, but often also offer analysis and design functions making these digital services a meaningful support for marketers, freelancers or even bloggers.

Which are the best alternatives to MailChimp?

MailChimp has a good balance between functions, ease of use, and price, being above all the clarity of its design and its flexible rate plan (which includes a freemium system) the aspects that users feel most attracted to. However, the options we are mentioning below also offer tools that make email marketing easier.

Alternative to MailChimp

  • GetResponse: founded in 1998 in Poland, today has around 350,000 customers around the globe. GetResponse was originally launched as an autoresponder system, but today it also offers companies numerous options to optimize their online marketing. With GetResponse you can send newsletters, design landing pages and even create your own webinar. It is easy to use and has about 500 templates and 1,000 stock photos, as well as an editor where you can customize the design of emails with drag and drop and HTML. With the option to carry out A/B tests and create dynamic content, this tool is also a valuable alternative to MailChimp for marketers.
  • SendInBlue: the SendInBlue newsletter service has been triumphant since it’s launch in 2012, offering a very attractive price plan. The basic rate already allows you to send 9,000 emails (300 a day max.) to an unlimited number of recipients, it also allows you to design a newsletter for SMS, although it requires an extra payment, it depends on the number of text messages that you want to send. Otherwise, it does not have additional features, the remarkable advantage of SendInBlue is that being based in France you can trust that you will have a guaranteed level of protection according to European standards. In addition to this is the possession of CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) certificate, which ensures that the newsletter effectively reaches the customer’s inbox.

Alternative to MailChimp

How to get GetResponse and/or SendInBlue as an alternative to MailChimp?

SendInBlue: if you want to give it a try, you have the option of registering SendInBlue for free. The basic version has all the functionalities, allows the automation of the tools and is compatible with different devices. You can enter to begin with the registration process.

GetResponse: in terms of price, GetResponse ranks a bit above it’s rival MailChimp and does not have any free starter offers.

Although the program can be tested for a month at no cost, after this time the user is forced to check-out a price plan. Go to and get started.