Alternative ways to heat your home.


With the arrival of cold weather, bills always tend to shoot up a little more. Long hot showers, microwaves running at all hours, because what better than a hot tea to accompany the cold evenings, and of course, heating at full blast, to forget that outside we are at 2 degrees.

But do not fool yourself, because heating is a waste for everyone. For this reason, in today’s article, we are going to give you some tips to keep your electricity bill in line without shooting up too much.

Heating the house and saving costs.

  • Stoves to heat the house: The stoves, although they must be plugged in and generate an electrical expense, if they are used correctly, you can save money and they are a good alternative to the general heating system.

With the stove, can heat the part of the house that you want, without the need to heat it all (as it happens with the general heating, in the case that you have one), and in this way, you will save and you will maintain the heat of the house concentrated in the room where you are at that moment.

  • Fireplace: Another alternative to heating is the fireplace. Not all houses have one, but if you are lucky enough to have one, make the most of it. The fire is what gives more heat and the expense will be less because you can get firewood in the countryside or at a cheaper price than having the heating on all day. Feeling the warmth of the fireplace is also one of the best feelings of winter.

Tips on how to heat the house without turning on the heater.

  1. Rugs, decoration, and warmth: Rugs, besides decorating and making the space cozier, are excellent thermal insulators that protect against cold and humidity.
  2. Ventilate instead of keeping it all closed up: Although it may seem the opposite, airing the house helps to make it feel warmer afterward. You only need 5 minutes to ventilate the whole house, 10 if your windows are small. Do not do it at very cold times and look for sunlight. The best time? When you wake up or when the sun penetrates more strongly in the windows. There is no doubt that the sun’s rays are one of the cheapest heaters that exist.

  1. Bet on thermal curtains: The curtains are a complement quite used to award the windows, but is it given the proper use? This object, in addition, to decorate, serves to prevent the sun from entering, protect the space from light, or simply to avoid the cold. If you choose them thermal and thick, they will be ideal to function as a thermal insulator and help keep the house warmer without the need to use the heating.
  1. Adhesive tape as your best ally: How many times have you noticed that feeling as if a window or door was open when it wasn’t? That is because, sometimes, doors and windows do not close properly and there is always a small edge through which the air passes. An economic remedy that you can find in any hardware store is the insulating adhesive tape, used to cover those existing fissures in doors, windows, and several cracks, to avoid the circulation of air from a warmer room to another colder one and vice-versa.